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Selecting the appropriate tax professional to handle your tax returns or represent you during audits or collection procedures as well as administrative appeals can pose a significant challenge. With my extensive background in IRS technical and managerial realms, paired with over twenty years of expertise as a Tax Resolution Specialist, you can rest assured in my capacity to address any issues with the IRS or state tax agencies and offer comprehensive tax-related services tailored to your needs.

The depth and breadth of my experience acquired during my34-year tenure across the three Divisions of the IRS, coupled with my roles in both technical and managerial capacities within each division, surpasses what can be gleaned solely from academic settings or non-IRS professional experiences. Holding an Enrolled Agent license granted by the U.S. Treasury Department, I possess the expertise and qualifications necessary to represent you globally in navigating tax disputes, inclusive of guiding you through the administrative appeals process. Should your case escalate to the U.S. Tax Court or District Court, I maintain professional affiliations with former IRS Trial Attorneys, facilitating seamless collaboration in advocating for our clients’ interests during litigation.

Work History
• Spent five years serving as an IRS Revenue Officer, tasked with ensuring individuals, partnerships, and corporations adhered to their filing and tax payment obligations.
• Progressed to the role of Revenue Agent, conducting audits on a wide array of Federal tax returns. Contributed as a member of coordinated teams examining tax filings for major corporations across the United States. This included experience as a Computer Audit Specialist writing mainframe programs to extract key data from taxpayer data storage devices.
• Elevated to the position of Field Examination Group Manager, overseeing teams of Revenue Agents across the West Los Angeles and former Hollywood IRS Offices.
• Appointed as the Associate Chief of the IRS Los Angeles and Glendale Appeals Offices, where I managed groups of Appeals Officers responsible for negotiating with taxpayers, their representatives, such as CPAs, Enrolled Agents, or Attorneys, to develop settlement proposals for resolving IRS tax controversies with the Examination Division, Collection Division, or IRS Service Center.  This position enhanced my ability in evaluating evidence to determine potential litigation risks for unresolved cases bound for the U. S. Tax Court or District Court.

Awards and Recognition
• Represented the IRS as a panel member in a televised media presentation.
• Presented to the distinguished Tax Executive Institute information and guidance concerning the then recently released regulations on electronic record retention.
• Received distinguished and outstanding awards for most every year during my 23 years in IRS Appeals management.
• Honored to receive the National Appeals Manager of the Year award preceding retirement.

Membership Organizations
• National Association of Enrolled Agents
• California Society of Enrolled Agents

Geographic Area of Representation
As an Enrolled Agent, I am authorized to represent taxpayer clients before the IRS and all State tax agencies.  I have represented and assisted clients internationally in England, Spain, Oman, Virgin Islands, and other places around the globe.

Scope of Practice
I specialize in individual tax return preparation and offer comprehensive consulting services for various tax-related concerns. Additionally, I extend representation services to eligible clients navigating tax agency audits and enforcement proceedings, including administrative appeals. Furthermore, I provide litigation support, primarily serving as an expert witness in cases requiring legal action to attain resolution in court.

I limit my client base to a select few because I believe in providing personalized attention to each case. When you work with me, you work directly with me—not with a junior or temporary staff member. This ensures that I am readily available to address any inquiries or requests from both clients and tax agencies. In contrast, larger firms often delegate cases to less experienced and knowledgeable employees, potentially depriving clients of the comprehensive expertise needed to explore all possible options and negotiating strategies crucial for achieving the best resolution.

Getting Help
If you have been contacted for an audit or collection action, or wish to appeal the result of such actions, and wish to discuss your general options, I am available for an initial free telephone consultation.   Please click on the Services – Tax Matters Consulting link above for more information.   For specific recommendations pertinent to the facts and options applicable to your or your business’s unique tax controversy, normal consultation rates apply.  However, if you subsequently retain me to represent you following a paid consultation, I will credit up to one hour of your paid consultation time toward your representation retainer.

Contact me to obtain my assistance preparing your current or delinquent personal income tax returns. I will respond promptly to discuss your situation. 

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