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When dealing with IRS, FTB, or other State Tax Agency audits or collections, be cautious in your communication with agency employees to avoid potential financial consequences. Representing yourself or relying on inexperienced individuals may result in unexpected expenses exceeding the cost of professional representation.

Leveraging my extensive experience as a Revenue Agent and Field Examination Manager, I specialize in guiding clients through the examination process.


  • EXAMINATION PROCESS: Returns are chosen for audit based on a sophisticated scoring system, with higher scores indicating a higher likelihood of adjustments. Understanding common triggers, such as round numbers or unusual business expenses, is crucial.
  • TYPES of AUDITS: Audits vary in complexity. Service Center Examinations are limited to simpler returns and seek verification on a few items. Office Examinations target more complex returns assigned to a Tax Compliance Officer who will schedule an in-person appointment. Field Examinations represent the most serious and time-consuming audits, conducted by experienced Internal Revenue Agents.
  • REPRESENTATION PROCESS: Effective communication with IRS personnel is key to navigating audits successfully. Knowing what to say and what not to say can make the difference between a simple low or no cost resolution, or a significant deficiency (tax due) and penalties due to extensive changes to the return. Understanding taxpayer rights and the appeals process is essential for achieving favorable outcomes.
  • COLLECTION REPRESENTATION: With insights from my tenure as an IRS Revenue Officer, I provide strategic guidance in addressing IRS collection procedures, including interactions with Service Center Collection, the Automated Collection System (ACS), and Revenue Officers.
  • FILING APPEALS: Taxpayers can appeal IRS enforcement actions such as liens, levies, or seizures. Timely and thorough appeals are critical, with options including Collection Due Process (CDP) hearings and the Collection Appeals Program (CAP).

I offer comprehensive assistance in various tax controversy matters, including:

Assessed Penalties

Collection Appeals

Audit Appeals

Statute of Limitations Defense

Offers in Compromise

Installment Payment Plans

Delinquent Returns

Freedom of Information Requests

Innocent Spouse Relief

Penalty and Interest Abatements

Trust Fund Recovery Penalties

Collateral and Closing Agreements

For detailed explanations of these terms and more, visit the Specific Topics page on my website.