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For individuals seeking legal guidance or representation in tax-related matters, engaging the services of a tax attorney is paramount. A tax attorney possesses the expertise and knowledge necessary to navigate complex tax issues and represent clients effectively in court. In certain cases, the involvement of an expert witness can significantly enhance the chances of a favorable outcome. As someone with over 30 years experience working within the IRS across three divisions—Examination, Collection, and Appeals—I offer valuable support in various capacities to bolster the success of your case.

Having provided expert witness testimony in a high-stakes case in the California Superior Court involving a multi-million dollar dispute in the Bay Area, I am well-versed in the intricacies of tax-related litigation. Additionally, I have contributed affidavits and shared expert opinions with attorneys on a range of tax-related matters.

I am a supportive ally to your attorney, dedicated to advancing the objectives of your tax matter complaint. Whether it involves offering expert testimony, providing affidavits based on my extensive experience, or simply lending my expertise to inform legal strategies, I am committed to leveraging my background to serve your best interests.

If you believe my services could be beneficial to your tax-related issue, I encourage you to reach out for a preliminary consultation. This initial discussion comes at no cost and aims to assess whether my expertise aligns with the needs of your case. Please feel free to contact me at your convenience to explore how I can assist you in achieving a favorable resolution to your tax matter.